If anyone is interested, Showbiz has added a new age division this year. Now they have Petites as 6-8 and Minis as 5 & under. Hopefully that means more baby minis will compete!

Anonymous asked: whats wrong with showbiz scoring system?

Oh, I actually just checked out their website and it turns out they changed it this year! Thank goodness!

Well, to answer your question, this past season (2013-2014), they changed their scoring system to curb the issue with dance studios placing their kids in lower divisions than they should be so they can secure a win. They had all the right intentions, but there were still flaws.

Basically, the judges decided what division the kid/dance got placed in, based on their score. If you scored between certain numbers, you were placed in a certain division. Sounds good, right? But there were problems. Some kids may score lower and be placed in a lower division than they thought they belonged in. Imagine telling your dancer that the judges thought she/he was an intermediate dancer when she/he thought she/he was an advanced dancer. And if a dancer’s solo A scored in the advanced division, but solo B in the intermediate division, what does that mean? The dancer could place in both divisions which seems odd and unfair.

I’m glad Showbiz listened to their costumers and changed it back to normal this season.

Anonymous asked: if you were opening a dance studio, what would it be called? what would your girls/boys focus on in terms of strengths and genres? what choreographers would you call to work for you, what competitions would you plan to attend, and what kind of classes would you encourage them to take heavily? (ie, lots of ballet and aerial work, tap classes, lots of technique classes)

I think I would either keep the studio name very simple (like [city] dance center/studio/academy) or very different, but I have no idea of any creative names at the moment. x3

I would have my younger dancers focus more on jazz/musical theatre and as they get older, add in lyrical/contemporary. But they will always focus on ballet because that’s the fundamentals. In terms of strengths, I’d want them have an equal balance of turns and flexibility tricks.

I wouldn’t want to call for outside choreographers often. I would want to have a strong team of dance teachers who can also choreograph, but I don’t know who exactly.

I would attend competitions with strong competition. Hopefully HOF, Showstopper, Showbiz/Primetime (if they fix their scoring system), KAR, etc. I prefer to only attend competitions with the “normal” age divisions.

The students would have to take a lot of technique classes. Ballet of course as well. But they would need to take classes in every area (like tap and hip-hop as well) at least once in a while because it’s important to foster versatile dancers.

raisinanon asked: Sophia's Tap Diva or Kaycee's DaFace?

I can’t choose! I love them both!


competitiondancers asked duets or trios

Survivor - Southern Strutt (2014 version)

I’ve been waiting to see this dance all season!

"You shoot me down but I won’t fall."

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