Anonymous asked: how do i reach Kendyl fay's parents?

Her tumblr kendyllovesdance.

Anonymous asked: i feel like a majority of this fandom only watches dp and club, so it upsets me when they are like so and so are probably the most artistic dancers, the most technical and all that stuff. All the dp and club girls are legit AMAZING, but keep in mind there are thousands more studios than the 6-8 studios you guys watch. But props to some of you like justplandancing, dancershalloffame, and minidancers underrated-dancers (is that her url?) for introducing new dancers, it's a breath of fresh air!

Anonymous asked: do u like disney? i love disney!! what's your favorite disney characters an songs???

Oh I love Disney! I’m a kid at heart.

I currently love the Frozen songs “For The First Time In Forever” and “Love Is An Open Door” (because the girls I babysit love Frozen too haha). I also love “Go the Distance,” “I See The Light,” “A Whole New World,” etc. My favorite characters would have to be the silly ones, like Dug in Up or Olaf in Frozen.

Anonymous asked: How can I reach Jamieson's Parents

Her tumblr which I mentioned in my last answer.

Anonymous asked: Do you know where I can get good pictures of Jamieson's boom solo? I'm making an edit

I believe there are two on her mom’s tumblr (jddeacy) but that’s all I know is public.

Anonymous asked: My daughter would like to set up her own youtube channel. She knows how to edit videos but she does not know how to contact the dancers (or their parents) to ask them to do the interviews. We do not live near any of the dancers she'd like to interview. What is the best way for her to find contact information for the parents?

Facebook and Instagram. :)


Kiddancers 25 Day Challenge: Day 17 - Favorite Group Dance(s)

Wonderland, Proud Mary, and Make the World Move

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