just a blog dedicated to all the fantastic young competition dancers out there.

I am simply a fan of little dancers. I am in no way affiliated with or representing any of the dancers I blog about.

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kiddancers challenge day 1, my 6 favorite studios

KIDDANCERS 25 DAY CHALLENGE | favorite dance blog → minidancers

that is not the real raisin anon, i havent seen a faker until now help. aas always, have a raisin life.

Uh oh, we’re raisin’ some drama here.

I’m sorry, bad joke haha

How do you separate your personal social media stuff from the little dancers social media?

I have separate emails and such. c:

(oh my gosh the raisin anon has a blog now! <3)

KIDDANCERS 25 DAY CHALLENGE | top five dancers → autumn miller, kaylee quinn, brynn rumfallo, paulina macias, & kaycee rice


Brynn Rumfallo (in Songbird) for round one of turnkickleap's edit contest!

*HUGE thank you to Sarah (sarahsdanceedits) for letting me use her KAR photos of Songbird in my edit! <3 <3

do you like raisins because i dont like raisins

Haha. I don’t love them but I don’t mind them. x3


OOh Child (x)

"Jamieson, what are three words you would use to describe yourself?" [x]